In Mapatrade we collect data from different markets at a local and international level, analyze structures and evaluate the potential of possible new businesses. We understand the potential of different markets, businesses, policies and opportunities, with the aim of acting as a link between the producer and marketer.

We also participate in the evaluation, design and development of investment projects, collaborating in decision making in an objective manner and with solid bases of study. Through our strategic partners in Argentina and in the world, we obtain a broad economic, cultural and development criteria, with the aim of detecting possibilities for the insertion of new products and various services.

Mapatrade with original base in Argentina, develops business with producers of food, services and technology, among many others.

Argentina is characterized by its valuable natural resources, its excellent quality of products in the agricultural sector and the high quality in different raw materials. The most relevant sectors by region are:



Soy. Corn. Sugar. Gold. Silver. Lithium. Potassium. Mica. Zinc. Gas. Fruits. Citrus. Pope. Pumpkin. Wine. Tobacco. Nuts. Cotton. Regional products textile. Cattle raising. Forest.


Rice. Soy. Corn. Yerba mate Tea. Forestry. Forest. Automotive Agroindustry. Citrus Paper. Regional products.


Soy. Corn. Wheat. Sunflower. Sorghum. Rice. Honey. Tobacco. Peanut. Pope. Tomato. Cattle raising. Automotive industry. TIC. Agricultural equipment Textile


Gold Silver. Copper. Wine. Fruit. Regional products Renewable energy.


Fish. Fruit. Petroleum. Gas. Mining. Cattle raising. Farming. Forestal. Golg. Silver. Copper. Wine. Fruit. Regional products. Renewable energy.

Argentina has great investment opportunities in sectors of different productive activities, such as renewable energy, forest and paper industry, specialized tourism, automotive industry, software and information technology, biotechnology, agricultural technology, among many others.

The Argentine GDP according to its economic composition is constituted according to: