Argentina has focused on facilitating business and trade, promoting new markets for the export of goods. The citrus and fruit market has opened up new markets for different processed products, as well as products of livestock origin.

The broad development of Mercosur is the front of commercialization towards the world, with important matter of development in services and technologies. The main products exported are those related to agriculture (more than 63%), products of the chemical industry (24%), common metals and their manufactures (17%), among others.

As regards imports, Argentina buys mainly products from Brazil (49%), electronic products from China (33%), and products from chemical industries from the United States (23%).

Referring to professional IT services, Argentina is oriented towards export, demonstrating to the world a great quality of service and consolidating its positioning in technology-related issues. We can show the history of foreign trade balance according to the following:

Negocios a
Negocios b